Our Beliefs

We believe in the power
of loyalty.

We understand the value of customer insights and measurement of performance in driving that.

We work like true partners,
as trusted advisors,

working as an extension of your team. We are in for the long haul, from defining your vision to realizing it.

We are

and believe in the strategy driving the solution, and not the other way around.

Why Us

The Answers Are Within
Your Business. We Help You
Find Them.

At the core of customer loyalty is a customer. At the heart of the solution are the right set of questions to ask. We have seen many organizations look outwards for a loyalty solution to their business problems, while the answers to the problems were inside the business itself. Let us help you find them.

We would sift through your customer data to derive the right business direction. We would challenge ourselves together to get to the bottom of the problem and identify the root cause within your business. And, we bring our market knowledge to give you a holistic vision for customer loyalty.

Our Model of
Partnership and

We would work with you as your extended team, your trusted advisors, who supplement your team where they may lack expertise in loyalty. Our aim is to start you off, share your daily challenges and set you up to win. And, we will extend ourselves to whatever it takes to get you there.

In the goal to find you the best-fit solution, we will act in a tech- and platform-agnostic manner. In contrast to many loyalty services providers, our focus would be on the right solution first, and the enabling technology thereafter. Unless of course, you want us to fit your program into a pre-existing or preferred technology.

Passionately Sharing
Common Business

We know you are working towards business goals, and want to understand the performance of the program. When you work with us, we would help you build and measure towards profitability, and enable tracking of tactical and strategic parts of the program. We are in it with you for the same set of financial goals!

What We Offer


Design the best-fit loyalty solution for your business. Identify the critical elements of your loyalty strategy.

Step 1

  1. 1. Program Health Check
  2. 2. Loyalty Program Design

Understand business needs & challenges. Define target market.

Design a program that will answer those needs in a measurable way.

Develop program design, customer journey and customer benefits.

Develop business case and ROI for financial performance tracking.


Develop and Assist on program build, pilot and launch. Partner with internal, external, tech, operations and vendors.

Step 2

  1. 3. Build & Scale Up
  2. 4. Pilot & Launch

Identify best-fit systems, app developers, digital partners, technology and tools required to successfully build and deploy. Help with setup, BRD documents, implementation plans, Design resourcing plan (in house, out source, freelancers, ad hoc)


On-going program governance, working as an extended team on day-to-day program management and operations.

Step 3

  1. 5. Build-Operate-Transfer
  2. 6. On-going Trainings Coaching

Transition program governance to internal teams and / or external vendors, through step-by-step knowledge transfer approach. Support on-going trainings for internal staff, front-end and operations teams through roadshows, training material and 1-to-1 trainings

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Driven by the Team of Professionals Passionate about Loyalty and CRM

Karen Guzman

Has spent over 2 decades in Advertising and CRM in the Philippines and Indonesia. A graduate of Marketing Management and Mass Communications from the Philippines, she is great with clients and experienced in handling both local and international accounts due to her fluency in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Over the years she has worked with a myriad number of businesses, amongst them PT Ceres Indonesia, Starbucks, TVS Indonesia, Mazda Motors (Eurokars), FMC and Danone. She is knowledgeable in managing member lifecycle management campaigns and is quick to build and maintain a good rapport with her team and clients. Karen loves to cook and bake during her spare time, her masterpiece: Soft and fudgy Choco chip cookies!

Jacintha Kadarisman

aka Tata has over than 25 years of experience in Marketing Communications, starting in advertising and moving into customer engagement and loyalty program communications. With her background in art from Escuela Panamericana de Arte, Buenos Aires, she has worked in the creative departments of agencies like J. Walter Thompson, Impact, Interact-Carlson and Aimia Indonesia before joining Loyalty Hub. Credited with branding and creatives for several campaigns like Silver Queen, Mustika Ratu, MAPCLUB, Starbucks, Nestle FabMoms, Futuready and IDE, Tata now focuses on engaging loyalty program members. Tata is widely travelled and enjoys good food while hanging out with family and friends.

Rahmat Fauzi

He has more than 10 years handling financial administration, especially taxation, and in his spare time likes to play football, basketball and spending time with his family and friends.

Sasongko Aji

is an ambitious and enthusiastic Graphic Designer with over 23 years of experience in the field of design and art. A graduate of Trisakti University Graphic Design College, his aesthetics, attention to detail and creativity can be seen in several award-winning campaigns around Indonesia. He has a youthful spirit and ease in communicating with younger audiences. During his spare time, Aji likes riding his bike, playing tennis and going to the gym.

Lakshmita Anggiarini

Is the motor that keeps everything running smoothly! With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, which includes 6 years in HR training and 4 years in recruitment. She likes to take charge and ensure everything is well organized. She is the "go to" person for anything from work permits and contracts to instant noodles and fashion advice! Lakshmi loves plants & animals, especially cats, and during her spare time loves to cook and read novels.

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